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As is known, due to the fall of the "banking secrecy", has changed the global economic situation; as a result of this, all the so called former "tax havens" are no longer safe places to keep their savings. As in the introduction is due to the fact that nations that open current accounts and companies to individuals / companies of foreign nationality, have the obligation to inform the country of residence of the citizen / company.

Also, due to the political instability of the Arab countries, exacerbated in recent times also by ISIS, for several months is taking a flight of capital to other countries not sensitive to "religious wars" (news joke for some time by the most accredited newspapers).

So the obvious question that follows is this: "In which foreign state can open a bank account (personal or corporate) where there is still banking secrecy and allowing us to use their savings worldwide, unrestricted, in full respect for privacy?"

The answer, unfortunately, is not positive because, where it is still possible to open a company in a tax haven and a bank account offshore, has precluded the use of the money deposited therein outside of that country (see Nauru, Niue, Panama, Seychelles); and this limitation also applies to credit cards issued by the same institution.

Even in Asian countries can no longer open accounts and offshore companies, if not for investment purposes to be carried out only in those nations, but without being "covered" by banking secrecy (see Singapore). Although Hong Kong has expressed its intention to completely abolish bank secrecy by 2017 (recent "Collaboration Agreement" signed by the President of the Italian Council of Ministers and the Head of the Government of China in November 2014). The same state of Panama has already taken all the appropriate procedures for the exchange of information exchange with the rest of the world.

So what to do?
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You have to respect the rules of the Law of the countries with which it intends to speak.
Purpose has studied a number of investment practices that put the investor in a position of absolute tranquility, for example, the purchase of a society of Seychelles already capitalized.
The procedure is as follows:
  1. the concerned makes a bank transfer via IBAN / Swift, to be made on a bank account held by us, checking account that is located in a country outside the black list. The client in this way makes a money transfer coincides with the exact value of the share capital of the company in question;
  2. the user becomes the owner of the company in the Seychelles purchased from us;
  3. the customer receives all originals certifying the transfer of ownership of the new company in his name and titles relating to share capital;
  4. the customer receives a prepaid Visa or Mastercard, coinciding with the registered capital ceiling, less fees and expenses.
The share capital of the company we have already established, from a minimum of € 200,000.00.
The capitalization of the offshore companies will therefore depend on the amount that the customer will want to invest; For example: if you have savings for a million Euros, his company will have one million euro of capital, which can, at once, use it at will. 
This million, net of fees (12%) and net of corporate expenses and bank initial (30,000 euro), can be used thanks to a prepaid card anonymous Visa or Mastercard, equipped with micro chip and will have in our case, a ceiling of € 850.000,00.
The card can be used worldwide for both purchases (without spending limits ), both for ATM withdrawals ATM, always entering the Pin Code.
The cost, determined by the bank, is 2% for each transaction, calculated on the amount of the transaction.

Banks are among the most reliable in the world.
The current account will be exclusively available to the new owner of the company, through which it will operate (as mentioned above) via pin code in the future and, thanks to other payments, will increase the credit limit of the card; this second transfer will be made more through our corporate account transient, with capital increases or other, thus insuring the transaction from prying eyes, because the beneficiary of the same will not be him; would we then immediately pour received from the account to cover the check on his behalf.
This raises then the customer in a position of absolute tranquility because both the consideration for the first transfer reportedly buying corporate , is all the expenses and withdrawals made by the paper credit, can not be traced back to him (must not, of course, make payments that to are connected directly to the user in the euro zone, such as buying a plane ticket or other or payment of a hotel room, which but will perform with cash taken previously).
We also report that among the many interested customers to the procedure, there are business owners in crisis and at risk failure that, in an attempt to "salvage", making the purchase of a society with the hope of generating income with the same (that is, in an attempt to save their old society in crisis).
There are also customers who are in the process of divorcing and they need to shelter their assets.

The annual cost of account management and maintenance in the life of society (annual fee) will be EUR 5,000.00 - like how much you pay on average to the accountant in Europe and America, for the management of a common Srl.

For transactions over two million euro, we absorb the initial costs of € 30,000.
The paper will be free for the first year, then the cost will be 300 euro per year.

In case of loss or theft of the card, the customers can comunicate it through an email or a text message, your card will be blocked and will be promptly replaced.

It will also, on request of the customer, make a bank swift in every part of the world, even for the full amount deposited on the account; expenses that will support the bank will always be 2%; in this case (and only this) will provide office to remove the company from the companies register and to pay off the bank account, with an additional outlay of expenses of EUR 5,000.00, to be deducted from the bank in question.
Please note that some customers initially expressed some discomfort for thirty thousand Euros needed to buy our society and to work in the bank account.
But, after explaining to them that the amount not only included the establishment of the company and the opening of the account but was also aimed mainly to the recovery of what was spent on travel and accommodation variety, as well as the lack of capital gain that we had could not invest the amount of the share capital (already paid) in other business operations, deemed fair sum.

Nevertheless it should be noted that the customer will not have to move from the house and then you will not incur expenses in travel and accommodation, and with the purchase of the company also acquires the right to receive regular invoices for transactions effected (consulting, brokerage etc. ..) and then, as deductible expenses, profits to deduct the costs incurred by the customer.

What about the fact that any person can make the purchase even if judged unreliable corporate or legal proceedings?
In the host country is also not required that the new account holder notifies the source of the money that used to do the operations.
We also note the fact that only the end user will know where is her account and only after the execution of the transfer via Iban-Swift, that is when they will be delivered to the prepaid card with all the signs of ritual. Currently these accounts contain our capital investment and we are not going to reveal where they are: that there would be no "Confidentiality Pact" that will be signed between us and the customer because, by making known where we have deposited the amounts relating to social capital, notify implicitly to the whole world will be kept where the savings of new customers who take over the company sold by us. 
In addition, a number of other operations will be to safeguard the "Privacy" of the customer, placing it in a very tranquil location and the certainty of not being "cheated".

It 'clear the full compliance strained avoidance of taxes, because the customer buys the companies available in the market and therefore existing and capitalized; therefore it is not artificially established operations from time to time to evade taxes; that's why you can not change the above procedure.

This is one of many steps that can be used to help the client who wants to invest abroad, transferring what he or his firm shelved over the years.

A team of experts in international law, accountants, tax and corporate, who studies in dubai, Seychelles,Cape Town ...... (ie outside the European Union and America), will be available for any further information.
Why has chosen the Republic of Seychelles as an ideal place to open our offshore company?

Because since 1976, the year of the proclamation of the state of Independence, was established a government in the form of Republic associated with the British Commonwealth.
The new version of the Constitution, strongly Democratic, was passed in 1993.
Currently considered the state where the secret company is guaranteed absolutely, it goes without saying that the industry that the business sector, that is linked to high finance, is the most important item of national GDP beyond tourism.
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This article was written for information purposes only and does not want in any way be an incentive to invest or to perform actions prohibited by the laws in the countries where they reside.
No charge will then be raised to the authors of the same, if someone will make an illegal use of the on-topic.
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