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Our Values

Our Values IpocampusIpocampus Holding Odoni Partners is committed to the highest standards of performance, including high-quality work designed to deliver value to clients.

Our CPAs have a reputation for integrity, professionalism and leadership, and uphold a code of professional conduct and ethics set forth by the U.A.E. Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

We are trusted professionals who place accountability and objectivity above personal gain and reject opportunities that may compromise our values and principles.

Our duty is to develop a deep understanding of the marketplace environment and the impact on different types of organizations, so that we may provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We actively pursue involvement in professional organizations to gain insight into other areas of business, expand our knowledge and competencies, and provide value-added services to our clients.



Our team of accountants, auditors and tax specialists are experts in their respective fields, possess the highest standards of  ethics and values, and strive to attain the highest level of professionalism.

Independence & Integrity

By adhering firmly to the Code of Professional Conduct and the public trust, we perform all professional responsibilities with the highest sense of truth, honesty and accuracy, which is guided by a value system that puts the interests of the public first.


We strive to maintain objectivity, to be free of conflicts of interest in performing our professional responsibilities, and to be independent in fact and appearance when providing auditing and attestation services. By relying on verifiable data and a system of quality control, we achieve uniformity and accuracy irrespective of beliefs or judgments.


Accountability cannot exist without proper policies and procedures. At Ipocampus Holging Odoni Partners, we are committed to putting the interests of our clients first by being careful, acurate and responsible in performing our engagement.


We aim to achieve the highest principles of discretion between CPA and client, and we ensure that the security of our client's business and/or personal information is acheived by implementing top levels of security and encryption.

Due Care

We observe the profession’s technical and ethical standards, strive continually to improve competence and the quality of our services, and perform our responsibility to the best of our ability.

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