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Not-For-Profit & Education  IpocampusAs a not-for-profit organization or educational institution, your ability to provide services depends not only on your philanthropic goals, but also on transparency and accountability. For your organization to succeed, meet its mission and grow, it must operate like a business.

Ipocampus Holding Odoni Partners provides accurate information and sound guidance on the best ways to structure your organization while keeping aligned with your mission. From accounting and financial  projections to operations and tax compliance, we offer specialized assurance,  tax ,and consulting solutions to our non-profit and education industry clients.

Financial reporting is also crucial in seeking funding for your organization. Non-profits and educational organizations receive numerous grant applications each year that require organized financial statements. Our team will assist Boards of Directors or Trustees with financial information, help them interpret data and evaluate operations. We have experience advising boards, chief executives and financial officers on issues in financial management, government and grant compliance, and day-to-day operations. 

Because we understand that each non-profit organization has unique needs, we customize our engagements, so that we may discover the best possible solutions for managing operations, cutting costs and improving performance and efficiency.

Our services:

  • Developing ethics and conflict of interest policies
  • Educating and training boards of directors on regulatory requirements
  • Implementing efficient reporting systems
  • Assisting with inquiries by the IRS and other regulatory agencies
  • Strategic business and financial planning 
  • Governance and corporate structure 
  • Financial reporting and audits 
  • Technology consulting 
  • Employee benefits consulting 
  • Compensation planning 
  • Cost reporting and state filings 
  • Tax compliance, planning and reporting 
  • Financial forecasting


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