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Valutation  IpocampusUnderstanding the value of your business and intellectual property is essential for many reasons including long-term planning, mergers and acquisitions, proactive legal guard, estate planning and retirement. Our team provides professional business valuations that are objective, timely and cost-efficient, using strategies to address the complexities of a valuation for tax, business and personal purposes.

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis to gather information and accurately assess your business while upholding compliance regulations and confidentiality. Our valuation services comply with regulatory agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor and Financial Accounting Standards Board.


Our valuation services:

  • estate planning and retirement
  • divorce proceedings
  • litigation support
  • long-term and succession planning
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • fractional interests in private entities

What we value:

  • real estate ownership interests
  • family limited partnerships and limited liability companies
  • private notes and loans receivable
  • operating companies and related ownership interests
  • intangible assets including patents, royalties, claims
  • convertible debt and equity
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