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INVESTMENT & PRIVATE EQUITYThe 2008 financial crisis highlighted the need for responsible corporate governance within financial institutions. The key to ensuring that adequate standards are maintained lies with effective accounting and auditing standards. This financial crisis forced accounting standard setters and market regulators around the globe to come up with new proposals for modifying existing practices for investment accounting.

At Ipocampus Holding Odoni Partners, we bring a collaborative approach to our services with investment and private equity companies. Across their portfolios and investments, trading firms and private equity organizations are always seeking to improve cash flow, achieve maximum value in earnings and manage risks.

From due diligence, mergers and acquisitions to risk management, tax planning, audit and advisory services, our team will help guide your organization throughout the investment cycle.

We also provide business valuation, employee assessment during mergers, technology audits, and more to help you improve performance and foster growth.

Areas of expertise:

  • Trading and brokerage firms
  • Private equity sector
  • Hedge funds
  • Fixed income security firms
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