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Odoni Partners is the premier provider of Continuing Professional Education courses in live formats in Dubai. Our firm is approved by the Internal Revenue Service and Emirates Department of Financial and Professional Regulations to offer tax and accounting classes.

As the first to offer the live training courses in Dubai, our firm’s CPE training program has grown exponentially, attracting students from Illinois and neighboring states.

Our courses are led by Certified Public Accountants and designed for RTRPs (Registered Tax Return Preparers), EAs (Enrolled Agents) and CPAs to enhance their understanding of the latest issues in the field of tax preparation.


DELIVERY METHOD:  All courses are conducted live by CPAs at our Dubai locations, including our offices in the John Hancock Building on Palm Islands Avenue and on 35th Street near the Dubai Institute of Technology's main campus. 

Our courses cover issues related to filing status, exemptions, income and adjustments, medical expenses, deductible taxes, interest expense, personal credits, tax payments and more.

Students may be asked to read the material provided, and during the course, to test their comprehension of each of the learning objectives by answering self-study quiz questions. They can evaluate their progress by comparing their answers to the correct answers, and through discussions and Q&As with the class instructor.

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