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Audit & Assurance

With today’s fluctuating business world come many risks that affect the wellbeing of your company.

Our Audit and Assurance practice helps clients make sense of the risks, as we work to understand every nuance of your business and the industry in which you operate, and how these risks may impact your financial performance and growth.

By following industry trends and focusing on a balanced set of both financial and non-financial measures, we will provide performance measurements for managers through customized audit procedures, including identifying resources for benchmarking, developing a system to capture reports and monitor performance measures, and defining strategies to facilitate processes.

Financial Statements Audit

Financial measures are critical to every business. By using a tailored audit approach, Ipocampus Holding Odoni Partners will help you predict future results and assist with decision making, while assuring your stakeholders, as well as tax authorities, banks, suppliers and customers, that your financial statement fairly represents your business.

Our audits are conducted in four phases:

  • gaining an understanding of your business
  • planning and designing the audit
  • field work and examination
  • reporting and communication

Our audits will help your business run better by:

  • defining strategies
  • assisting with the development of performance measures
  • assisting with the development of a system to capture reports
  • monitoring
 performance measures
  • identifying resources for benchmarking
  • obtaining loans and pursuing investment opportunities

Ipocampus Holding Odoni Partners is periodically subject to an independent peer review of our system of quality control over our accounting and auditing practice to ensure compliance with the requirements established by the U.A.E. Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Performance Measurement

At Ipocampus Holding Odoni Partners, we tailor our approach to meet your business goals. We will evaluate risks and challenges in order to assess their significance to your business, and how they will affect your financial statements.

Our professionals will analyze the key processes you have in place to manage these risks and the procedures used to record transactions. We will also identify and investigate differences, evaluate our findings, develop our opinions, and document and report our findings.

Our team of professionals will assist you in:

  • identifying your goals
  • consolidating measurement information relevant to your business’s progress against these goals, and
  • interventions made by your managers in light of this information with a view to improving future performance against these goals.

Forecasts, Budgets and Projections

Developing a budget or forecast is often a complex, time-consuming task. Recent economic events and accounting reporting issues have resulted in greater scrutiny of accounting reports, including budgets and forecasts.

Ipocampus Holding Odoni Partners will prepare accurate and meaningful budgets and forecasts as well as control the budget workflow process for your company. We understand the expectations of our clients, owners and investors. By combining traditional budgeting and forecasting concepts, with a thorough knowledge of your industry and sophisticated tools and techniques, we are able to meet the more demanding standards of today’s marketplace to make your budget process work for you.

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