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Cira common interest realty associations  IpocampusCommon Interest Realty Associations are unique and complex in many aspects including their different types, the regulatory framework affecting them, and their creation, management, and governance.  Additionally, changing laws, owners' payments, and fluctuating expenses can affect the association's financial situation and ability to meet its obligations to homeowners and third parties.

Ipocampus Holding Odoni Partners' staff of expert auditors and accountants understand the unique requirments, challenges and developments that affect an association's management and governance, and will help to bring a sense of stability to the situation for both managers and owners.

Since financial reporting requirements are rigorous, our team of professionals are always up to date with the latest laws and regulations for CIRAs and will assist you in a variety of areas, including tax issues resolution, tax and financial planning, annual budget preparation, reserve and fund calculations, and audit or review of financial statements. We also will help you implement an effective accounting and internal control system that will allow you to function more accurately and efficiently.

Areas we serve:

  • condominiums, cooperatives and planned communities
  • master planned communities
  • mixed use associations
  • business park associations
  • time-share associations
  • business improvement districts
  • special tax districts
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