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Manufacturing & Distribution  IpocampusEven during a depressed economy, manufacturing and distribution continues to be one of the key industries in the U.A.E; yet, stiff competition remains. Not only does it take results-oriented management within your company to differentiate yourself from the competition, but also the sound advice from a professional with the insight to serve your needs. 

Our experienced professionals work closely with you throughout the year to address financial, business and operational concerns including managing inventory, gaining financing and projecting cash flow.

Through strategic tax and business planning, Ipocamps Holding Odoni Partners helps numerous companies address the challenges of supply chain management and improve costs through lean manufacturing and increasing global pressure. Our approach allows those companies to compete in today’s complex environment, overcome challenges and chart a path forward, which enhances their operational efficiency and reduces tax liability.

Areas of expertise:

  • Food and beverage
  • Industrial equipment
  • Metals and steal
  • Wholesale distribution


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